Rummage Box at Clement Park takes residents back to the 'good old days'

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On Thursday 24th May residents Allan, Andy, Eddie, Tam and Evelyn headed up to Keillor Lounge in Clement Park Care Home to grab a coffee and to spend some time reminiscing about the 'good old days'.

Activity Coordinators Arlene and Kay have teamed up with Dundee Central Library to arrange regular 'rummage boxes' for residents to engage with.  No one box is the same, with each box containing items from a different theme or era. 

Our first box was full of old Dundee books and pictures with images dating back to 1956.  Residents spent the morning looking through the boxes items, remembering the earlier years and discussing how different things are now. They admired the pictures of the old buildings, shoe shops and pubs. This activity brought great joy as residents reminisced on time gone by and fond memories that came back to mind.

Central Library have many different themed boxes which we plan to make good use of.  Residents are excited to see what will be in our next rummage box delivery.