Snow Fun

Residents at Luncarty bring the outdoors inside

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We all know the importance of activities within the home and residents at Luncarty enjoy a vast array of stimulating, thought provoking, uplifting and reminiscing activities on a daily basis.

Residents were sitting watching the snow cascade down outside through the patio doors and windows recently and were chatting about when they were younger. The snowball fights and building snowmen with their friends and family members.

We decided it was too cold to go outside and none of the residents were brave enough to go outside, so ..... we brought snow inside so that they could build some snow people.

They had tremendous fun whislt staying warm and cosy in the comfort of their own home.

I think Frosty is fantastic and residents were so inspired we spent the afternoon reminiscing about the past, playing doublers on the wall, cowboys, skipping, hide and seek and a few even admitted to playing chap, door run.

residents talked about how they were outside from the moment they opened their eyes in the morning until their mum's called them home for tea.

We hope to get some past time activities on the go in the home soon to see if our residents can still participate.