The start of our dementia street

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We have the start of a very exciting new project here at Rumbling Bridge. With the help of our community, residents, staff and all those involved with our home, we’re creating a Dementia Street.

This is where we create a safe environment for residents to walk freely and explore their surroundings. The street will be lined with several themed sheds that are being donated by business and members of the community.

Physical and mental wellbeing

The value of this will have unlimited potential as it supports with both physical and mental wellbeing of resident and provides purpose and meaning to individuals day.

Today however, marks the start our dementia street journey as we officially open the first part of our street as we celebrate our bus stop.

Stuart McKay from the Huntingtons Unit Assisted, joined Rosamunde Bell and Margaret Lyon, residents from the home to ‘break the turf’ ahead of our first summer house being delivered.

The idea is to have several outdoor sheds that residents have identified that they would like: tea room, charity shop, newsagents and potting shed to name but a few. These will be looked after by residents who have shown interest in these areas.

Community engagement

We’re sure that in time the street will grow and expand; and we’re excited to see what it will become. With this we’d like to that all those who have been involved in donating and supporting the idea, without the support of the community we wouldn’t have been able to do this.

Additionally, we plan to ask Santa to visit on his way from Lapland to open our grotto, then maybe next year we’ll be able to have a Christmas market for him too.

We will also be turning on our Christmas lights on Thursday 8th December……..we have a special guest coming especially for this so stay tuned for update and hints on who it might be!!!