Week of Painting at Willowbank

It was time to paint our recently aquired garden furniture

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Activities co-ordinator Lyne decided to start painting the recently aquired garden furniture as the forecast for the week was supposed to be good.  Our respite resident Harry Phinn asked if he could give a hand as he used to be a painter and would love to have something to do.  What an amazing help Harry was!!!  He fairly cracked on and Lyne said it would have taken her twice as long to paint everything if it wasn't for Harry's help. The forecast was right for once and by the time the weather broke the job was done.  We now have a lovely blue summerhouse and arbour and the shed has been treated as well.  Throughout the week many residents came to sit outside and enjoy the weather as Harry and Lyne painted away.  Harry managed to spend a bit of time in the shed when he was persuaded to have a rest from painting!!  He said he used to enjoy pottering in his shed at home when he was more able.  Thank you so much Harry.  An amazing job!!!