What matters to you?

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We held a ‘what matters to me?’ day yesterday which was designed to encourage and support meaningful conversation between our residents and all their care team.

We’re going to continue with some of the work over the next few weeks so we can complete residents one page profiles and really start to see the benefits of this activity.

So far, we’ve had a really positive response from staff, residents’ and families. It’s proving a really helpful tool to encourage a deeper thought process, reminding staff of the power of person centred care and also encouraging our residents to really recognise what matters to them in day to day life.

You will see from photos that we now have a ‘WMTY Tree’ which will be a permanent feature in Lisden.  Once we compile a profile for each of our residents, we will take key statements and attach them to the tree.

Yesterday our residents enjoyed some refreshments and an informal social chat with each other and staff, and we got the ball rolling.

We are looking forward to the continuation of this throughout the home.