Wheatland's Woodland Experience

Week 1

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On Wednesday 26th July 2017, Wheatland’s residents have been given an opportunity to take part in activities based in Calendar Woodland for 3 hours every week for 10 weeks. This is a fantastic opportunity  to work alongside the fully qualified Ranger try many different activities to stimulate  body and mind these activities include:

  • Physical Activities – Woodland walks and Scavenger hunts
  • Conservation Activities – bulb and tree planting
  • Bushcraft – Fire lightening and woodland cooking
  • Enviromental Art – Photography and willow sculptures
  • Learning – tree and bird identification.


Our first session however due to the weather condition the Ranger decided to take the residents to Calendar House accompanied by two of our dementia ambassadors. The Residents enjoyed looking at all the different exhibitions there was to offer and enjoyed using the interactive tools that are there and seen the history of Falkirk which they were all familiar with but appeared in good spirits and had a good laugh together as they reminisced. Our staff are working hard at the moment trying to encourage physical activity and participation and even though we didn’t get to experience the woods this week our residents enjoyed walking around Calendar House and grounds. However the residents are looking forward to getting there wellies on next week!