Wheatland's Woodland Experience - Week 1 into the Woods

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Woodand Experience Day 1 : Into the Woods!

Myself and another dementia ambassador Linda took our Group of four residents with a diagnosis of dementia on a sensory stimulating and cognitive therapy ran by our local forestry commission based in Callander Woods. This is government funded but the cost of escorts and transport are dependent on the individual but I feel fortunate to be a part of a company that aims for person centred care which allows its staff to trial and find different groups that will benefit the individuals. At Wheatland’s we aim to meet every individuals care needs.

We all made our way through Calendar park after we treated ourselves to a ice cream cone awaiting the Woodland Activity Group . The four participants appeared to enjoy watching all the dogs and children passing by and playing at the park.

The Woodland Activity programme is approximately 10 minutes walk from the car park .It was a lovely walk from the car park up a slight hill to where the group session is held. This year one of our main aims is promoting fitness within and out with our care home. Note: to remember physical activities are very good for not only your body but also your mental health, it is proven to be one of the best therapies for mental illness such as depression and a lot more. Once all participants reached the campsite, it was surrounded by huge trees of all varieties towering over us, this gave a sound barrier also which made the campsite feel as if you were in the middle of nowhere. Once settled people sat on chairs of leant against a tree which has fallen over but continued to grow upwards. Everyone was rather impressed by the sizes and age of these different trees. We enjoyed a cup of tea/coffee made in the great outdoors using Kellie Ketties,we introduced ourselves to the Rangers and the remainder of the participants

The participants enjoyed the camp fire build by one of our survival enthusiasts and dementia ambassadors which help escort, encourage and gave support to Wheatland’s participants and local people from the community that partipants

. The Group laughed and joked with each other watching the fire and the Rangers as they told us about the tree that surrounded us and we also learned that the Scot’s Pine is Scotland’s national tree which was a clear favourite winning by 52% in 2014.


The Rangers gave us a guide on how to identify different trees and all the participants were given the task of identifying which leaved belonged to which tree, all the participants got involved and correctly identified the leaves and everyone appeared in good spirits. The Rangers gave us a sense of community encouraging everyone get involved and help each other. This gave a lovely calming atmosphere even with all the excitement that was around the campfire full of enthusiasm. The Rangers took us a short walk around one of the beautiful trails Callendar Woods have to offer identifying different plants and tree that can be used with clever survival techniques that can be used in woods.