Woodland Activity Programme - Award Ceremony

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 On Wednesday 4th October 2017, Wheatland's welcomed participants from the community and the Woodland Rangers, Jim and Gordon ,to present everyone with their John Muir Awards.  The Ceremony was planned by Wheatland's dementia ambassadors and hosted by our favorite members of the forestry commission who have been running this programme for the past 4 years. Everyone was given their awards and a slide show of our time in the woodland was played for everyone to view along with a tour of Wheatland's Care Home and our Woodland experience tree.  Before saying our farewells till next year, we couldn't resist having one last sing along before parting ways.  We would like to thank everyone for attending and making our woodland experience so enjoyable, over the past 10 weeks each and every individual has bonded and become friends. We look forward to keeping in touch.    Maria O'Rourke
Dementia Ambassador