Woodland Activity Programme - Week 6

Week 6 - into the woods

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Woodland Activity Programme – Week 6 into the woods

On Wednesday 30th August 2017, four of Wheatland's residents travelled to Callendar Park to participate in the Forestry Commissions woodland activity programme for our sixth week.
Once we reached the campsite we all worked together to set up camp. We placed the seats, collected fire wood for the fire, and got the Kellie kettles ready. Now we could sit down, relax and enjoy a well deserved cup of tea or coffee.
This week we helped the rangers build a teepee tent beside our campsite, our rangers have been teaching us to always be prepared. Everyone in the group got involved helping where they could, working well as a team.
The Rangers took us a short walk to look for good place to plant our oak trees. Everyone was excited and happy to plant their very own tree. Once everyone found an appropriate spot we got to work digging our holes and planting our oak trees. Everyone appeared very pleased with their very own saplings.
Wheatland’s Residents have been participating very well throughout this activity. All the activities have been met with positivity and enthusiasm. As you can see from the photographs, we take these to document the day and display on our woodland activity wall for all to look back and reminisce.
We have seen many benefits to our participants that attend the activity in Callendar woods with a marked reduction in residents stress and distress. Residents’ health and wellbeing have improved and participants have been more social with staff, other residents and the other participants that attend the woodland activity programme.

Maria O’Rourke
Dementia Ambassador