Woodland Activity Programme - Week 7

Week 7 - Into the Woods

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Woodland Activity Programme – Week 7 into the woods

On Wednesday 6th September 2017, four of Wheatland's residents travelled to Callendar Park to participate in the Forestry Commissions woodland activity programme for our seventh week.
Once we reached the campsite we all worked together to set up camp. We placed the seats, collected fire wood for the fire, and got the Kellie kettles ready. Now we could sit down, relax and enjoy a well deserved cup of tea or coffee.
Once organised the Ranger sat and told us a wonderful story of the green man using visual prompts. Everyone enjoyed listening to the story around the campfire. Participants reminisced about the days they spent in the outdoors and different tales they have been told over the years.
Everyone separated into small groups and collected different items from the woodland floor to create our own version of ‘the green man’, on the surrounding tree of our campsite. Everyone worked well as a team collecting items and using clay to create their green man faces or in some cases green lady. Everyone appeared in good spirits and enjoyed working in teams, you could hear the laughter and chatting from each group as worked together.
We sat down for lunch and a hot drink. The rangers used a bird call machine and we listened to the different bird calls, we could hear birds calling back from the trees above. We caught glimpse of a buzzard and some other more common birds such as robins and finches.
These types of activities appear to be very beneficial to our residents. We have observed positive communication from those individuals living with dementia. They have formed a community spirit and connection with others, telling each other memories from their pasts with enthusiasm. Being outdoors is  beneficial to an individual that enjoys the outdoors. It promotes activities such as active walking, collecting wood and exploring the great outdoors.
Wheatland’s Residents look forward to our next adventure into the woods.

Maria O’Rourke
Dementia Ambassador