Age is just a number

Intergenerational work at Balhousie Care Group

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Proving that age is just a number, residents at our North Inch and North Grove Care Homes and pupils from the nearby Balhousie Primary School have created a special bond after a unique intergenerational project.

Primary school pupils spent six weeks visiting NING before Christmas, spending time talking, playing games and delighting residents with musical renditions on the recorder. This partnership between the home and the school is really important, teaching children a little about patience and respect and giving residents a chance to have a weekly meeting to look forward to – as well as learn a trick or two from the children!

“They have formed such a bond, with the children excited to come and see their resident ‘buddy’. It is heartwarming to see the connection they have made” says home manager Sandra Brennan.

Sandra speaks about one particular friendship which has developed over the weeks.

“We’ve got one resident who doesn’t socialise much with other residents as he’s Polish and can find it harder to communicate. One of the children who comes to visit is also Polish, so the two of them sit together and are able to enjoy speaking to each other in their native language. It’s clear to see how much they look forward to seeing each other and it’s a wonderful friendship to have watched develop over the weeks. For me, that’s exactly why projects like these a so important, benefitting both generations hugely.”

“We have residents who were once teachers and they especially enjoy the visits and the memories it evokes. The residents really look forward to these visits, as do the children. There really is just so many benefits to intergenerational projects such as these and it’s something I hope we can continue with in 2017.”

The success of the visits has led the care home to invite nursery pupils to visit, and other care homes in the Balhousie group to implement similar intergenerational programmes. A similar project took place at Huntly, where residents worked with primary school children to create the 12 Days of Christmas. We look forward to sharing more project likes this with you over the coming year!