Balhousie's review of Dr Shibley Rahman’s new dementia publication

Yvonne Manson's review of: Enhancing Health and Wellbeing in Dementia – A person-centred integrated care approach

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Dr Shibley Rahman’s third book in his trilogy on wellbeing and dementia care is titled ‘Enhancing Health and Wellbeing in Dementia’ I myself have a great interest in health and wellbeing and the book does not disappoint. What I liked about the book is how it is laid out. It is written in a way that you could, if you wanted dip, in and out of it referring only to the chapter you needed. Having first read it cover to cover I shall now use it as a staple to dip in and out off. Not only is it a well written and researched book but the further reading and references within it mean regardless what your interest in dementia care and health and wellbeing is you will find plenty of extra reading.

Before reading I had decided that chapter 10 Care Homes and Integrated Care and chapter 7 Living Well and Promoting Wellbeing would be my favourites but as much as I enjoyed those chapters it was Chapter 5 Cognitive Approaches and Life Story that drew my attention the most. I believe psychosocial therapies including cognitive therapies are far more important than any current medication on the market for dementia and these approaches can have a far greater impact on wellbeing and so I was glad to see this included within the book. I would have liked to have seen a little more on technology as it is an emerging area in dementia care and one I am fascinated with but the topic is still covered briefly in the book.

I have enjoyed all three books in Dr Shibley Rahman’s trilogy but this one has been my favourite it covers a vast range of topics and is written with real person-centred integrated care at its heart and the book launch in the Arlington Centre in Camden had the very same feel to it. The speakers were from a diverse range of backgrounds and covered several topics within the book and I myself spoke along with a colleague on ‘Care homes and Promoting Wellbeing’. One of my favourite talks was from Maneesh Juneja on ‘Technology and Supporting Well’; it got me thinking what the future might be like as technology continues to advance?