How Together We’re Great is making a difference

Case Study: Lisa McGraw, Ruthven Towers

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Over the last couple of months, we’ve shared with you how everybody at Balhousie Care Group, from head-office to home managers, carers to housekeepers, are working together to say ‘Together, We’re Great.’

We’ve been doing some great things and have been met by such a positive response and we wanted to share with you an example of just how the work we’re doing as part of Together We’re Great is providing our residents with a truly person-centred approach to care.

Developing Together We’re Great through consultations

One of the most important aspects of our Together We’re Great initiative has been to listen. A huge part of Balhousie Care Group developing Together We’re Great has been through consultations between staff, residents and their families, looking at ways in which we can enhance the care we are already providing in a personalised way.

When our Ruthven Towers Care Home wanted to recruit a new activities coordinator it was the residents who Home Manager Yvonne met with first to discuss what kind of person they thought would be best for that role.

It was entirely through consultation with residents, staff, family and friends of Ruthven Towers that they came up with the job specification and, with recommendations from residents and fellow colleagues, they recently welcome former Housekeeper Lisa McGraw into the position of Lifestyle and Leisure Lead, a newly developed post which fits entirely with the ethos at Ruthven Towers.

How our One-Page Profiles played their part

Part of our Together We’re Great project has been to develop our One-Page Profiles across the whole organisation. The aim of this is to learn from each other on how we can develop: whether that’s through learning about the best way to support one another, the things we enjoy most about our jobs or our career aspirations. Lisa’s One-Page Profile helped identify strengths and aspirations that fitted with the new role created within the home.

Meet Ruthven Towers new Lifestyle and Leisure Lead

Lisa has over 20 years-experience working as a housekeeper at Ruthven Towers and will now be working at Team Leader level, responsible for the planning and development of activities within the home. She’s been working closely with the local community to organise activities, which regularly involves the local school and nursery.

An important aspect of Lisa’s new role is to help each and every resident retain their sense of identity and individuality. Lisa enjoys sitting down with the residents for one-on-one chats about what she can do for them that is just that little bit unique and special. You might have seen that resident Evelyn recently spent the afternoon at Gleneagles. Another resident is excited for a romantic meal for two, after he sent a hand-written invitation to take his wife out for dinner, something he’s been unable to do on his own for some time.

Lisa works with small groups of residents to deliver activities aimed at engaging and improving their overall wellbeing. From Movement to Music classes, Arts & Crafts, Poetry, Therapets and Movie Nights, she encourages every resident to achieve their ambitions, no matter how big or small.

Working together, to create a positive influence

Another aspect to the role which Lisa has enjoyed has been working closely with the residents loved-ones to keep them informed about all the activities taking place in the home with a weekly e-mail and is delighted when they respond with comments about how much fun it looks!

Lisa has had a wonderfully positive influence within the home and we have been delighted with the feedback about the great atmosphere at Ruthven Towers and the impact that our Together We’re Great campaign has had on our staff, residents and the care we offer.