by Marc MacDonald, Head of People Services

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Imagine this. A workplace where you really are valued, where you can go beyond where you thought it possible to go.  You are prized. Because, without you – there is nothing. You are here, not because of any exams passed, but because you can crack a big smile, get on with people and make friends. You have a brilliant attitude and want to be the best possible version of yourself. You are keen to learn, grow and progress in your career without going from pillar to post. In fact, you don’t have to go anywhere else.

Along the way, you get access to a wide range of training opportunities, recognition for a job well done and your ideas listened to and heard. And, unlike most places of work you have a chance to play, make people’s day and improve lives. All you need is care, compassion and empathy – skill can be taught.

Work sadness to work gladness

With 84% of people at work in the UK said to be unhappy, this may sound like fantasy. It’s not. This however, is Balhousie Care Group’s ‘inspirational workplace’. We have created a ‘grow our own people’ place with more and more opportunities to develop and thrive. Already, we have people going from strength- to-strength, promoted to new jobs and ambitious to go farther than they believed possible.  We say ‘bring your magic to work’ because it is you and what you offer that excites us.

Gone are descriptions ‘HR’, ‘staff’ and ‘employee’ We talk only of people here because we are a people business. With 25 care homes across the North East of Scotland and growing, we touch many lives each and every day. Our people know they are important to those they work with. They are also vital to Scotland’s wellbeing and economy.

More opportunities to ‘shine’

Balhousie Care Group is ambitious and expects to grow threefold – creating more care homes and new services that will improve lives. We want to be more influential in ensuring that ageing is a positive experience – a time in our lives for new ambitions and adventures.

If your share our passion and want to make Scotland a place of opportunity for all ages, welcome on board – this is a chance for you to shine.  

Find out now about Inspirational opportunities at Balhousie Care Group.

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