Improving through Consultation

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We have made great efforts over the last 18 months to develop the culture within our organisation to one that really focusses on people, not just paying lip service to the concept but truly living and breathing this ethos.

One of the biggest achievements is the consultation and participation of all stakeholders in the decision making for Balhouise Care Group.

We have moved away from high level decision making procedures, where policy, procedure and activity is decided from the top and dictated down. We now operate by consulting and listening to what’s happening on the ground and basing our decision making on this information.

This has been one of the most powerful changes we have made and one we’ll continue to implement. An example of this was having two of our Dementia Ambassadors, Pat and Shirley, come along to our Care Governance meeting to inform and influence senior management on what’s happening on the floor. This provides a first-hand account of the great accomplishments within the homes as well as a platform to raise concerns.

Together We're Great

Pat and Shirley commented: ‘The Care Governance team were very encouraging and supportive, as were all the Management that attended.  They made us both feel very valued and welcome.’

The Together We’re Great concept has opened up a mindset that encourages and promotes individuals to be creative and do things differently. We’re loving the journey that we’re on.

You can read more of Pat and Shirley’s comments here.