Knowing the whole person through one-page profiles

By Yvonne Manson, Dementia Consultant

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Encouraging good conversation and speaking to an individual and their loved ones about what’s important to them, their likes, dislikes, needs and wants, helps us deliver person-centred care for all residents.

To ensure we really get to know every resident in our care, here at Balhousie Care Group we’ve introduced the use of one page profiles throughout our homes to help start meaningful and good conversations. These profiles ask two important questions:

  • ‘what’s important to me?’
  • ‘How best to support me?’

It’s designed to identify ‘what matters to me’ and ‘how I want to be supported to achieve this’. This information helps the care and support team look for opportunities on how best to support an individual to achieve their goals and aspirations, and not simply focus on the delivery of clinical care. The purpose is to maintain continuity of lifestyle and individuality throughout life within a home. For example, it might be that for the last 30 years, an individual has had a chippy, a glass of white wine and watched a good action film every Friday night, this becomes important to them. By identifying this within a one-page profile, we are then able to support the continuation of this during their stay.

If you explore that scenario further, think about what a difference it makes that the person is able to continue having their Friday take out? You can be meeting the nutritional and fluid intake but by supporting the person to continue with their Friday tradition we are supporting them to maintain their personhood. We need to meet what is important to an individual while ensuring we do what is important for them, this can be a great be a balancing act.

Together We’re Great

As well as having one page profiles in place for people who live in our care homes, we’ve introduced this for all our staff, helping us become an organisation that really cares about all people involved within the homes. Our idea was: How can you deliver person-centred care without being a person-centred organisation?

By having one-page profiles in place for staff, as well as those who live in our care homes, we are able to use staff matching tools, meaning we can match staff with residents, who share common interests, to encourage and support relationship building. All these tools help get to know the person then being able to shape their support around this.

What matters to you? Day

The 6th of June it is ‘what matters to you?’ day and this aims to encourage and support more meaningful conversations between people who provide, and those who receive, health and social care.

We are taking part in the day with many people looking at having important conversation, updating one page profiles or creating new ones, putting matching tools in place, or creating what matters to you boards.

If you are in the home one of our homes on that day, why not get involved and find out what matters to someone.