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Understanding the difficulties faced by residents who live with dementia can be a relative unknown. You may sympathise with the disease but who really knows what it feels like to be disorientated, confused, struggle with vision or hearing, struggle to communicate or recognise those around us?

On Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 August 2017, we invited training2care into our organisation to deliver a virtual dementia tour for staff of Balhousie care. The tour created an environment and provided props that restricted senses, reflective of many symptoms for those living with dementia.

The virtual tour provided a great understanding to staff about how best to engage and communicate with residents. No one way will work for all, however knowing the impact of things you do can be very powerful in changing the way we deliver care for our residents.

Kelsey from Clement Park said: “It really opened my eyes to what people with dementia go through every day. I will definitely try to change my approach with residents now that I have a better understanding of how they feel.”

Ross added “I felt the virtual dementia tour has given me a better outlook about my job role and what kind of effect I have on residents. Being able to see and feel what a resident could be going through will make me a better carer.”

As an organisation, we feel it’s important to continually learn and develop our understanding of dementia care so we can best meet the needs of our residents and deliver a high quality of care with compassion and understanding.