Not just for one week

By Yvonne Manson, Dementia Consultant

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Dementia awareness week (DAW) in Scotland runs from the 29th May – 4th June and we have lots of exciting parties and events planned throughout the week. For us at Balhousie Care Group however, raising awareness of dementia is something we focus on on a daily basis and is integral to everything we do.

So what do we have in place for DAW?

We will be delivering a daily blog, focussing on the themes that matter to the people who are part of Balhousie Care, for examples: stories on things that have worked well within the home, new things we’re trailling within homes, excerpts from Dementia Consultant Yvonne Manson and much more.

We also have purple parties planned across our homes throughout the week. Check with your local home when theirs is on and get involved.  Our head office at Earn House will also be opening its doors for a purple party on the 30th May. With this, we have two dementia friends’ sessions taking place with Alzheimer Scotland at 12 and 2pm, it’s open for all local businesses to attend.  

Additionally, on the 31st of May we have a number of our staff attending a technology and dementia seminar in Stirling, followed by our attendance at the Alzheimer Scotland conference in Edinburgh on the Friday.

Although it’s a busy one, we’re looking forward to all the activity and can’t wait to get everyone involved.

Balhousie Care Dementia Strategy

In July 2016, we launched our dementia strategy which has provided a great start and direction for our dementia journey. To make sure this is a continued success and always progressive, our annual review will be starting over the next couple of months to make sure the strategy is still relevant and with purpose. As part of this, we will soon be starting our consultation groups across the homes with residents, staff and families with the aim of relaunching this early next year.

Our dementia strategy has worked because of its collaborative approach, if this is something you’d like to be involved with, please let us know.