Stefanie Wright - Team Leader at Ruthven Towers.

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As a person centred organisation, we encourage and enjoy seeing individuals develop in their careers and in areas of interest to them.

No better example of this is Stefanie Wright, a Team Leader at Ruthven Towers who was completing her qualifications at college.

Here’s how her learning has benefited her working practice and the residents Stefanie works with.

Stefanie Wright

‘I recently completed an HNC in Care and Administrative practice and part of that course entailed caring out a graded unit.

I chose to complete an activity with a resident who was living with Dementia which was baking a cake.

After a consultation with Margaret we decided to bake a Victoria sponge together.

Margaret was able to do it with little prompts. We chatted during the activity about her past and she shared memories of baking with her mother and then with her own children.

Margaret enjoyed the activity and I learnt more about Margaret in the process.

My overall grade for the graded unit was an A which enabled me entry into year two of mental health nursing which I start at the end of September.’