The benefits of being person centred-orientated

What does it mean to be person centred-orientated for both our staff and our residents?

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Over the coming months we’ll be focussing on different aspects of how we’re developing personalisation in all of our homes and how we are working towards being able to say ‘Together, We’re Great.’

Personalisation in a care environment is described as “every person that receives support has choice and control over the shape of that support in all care settings.” For us, it means thinking about the care we provide in an entirely different way, starting with our staff and focusing on supporting every single person to explore their unique characteristics and retain their sense of identity and individuality.

The most important aspect of personalisation remains that the recipient is central to, and in control of, the way they receive care and that our care is pro-active rather than passive, meaning that one-size does not fit all. This approach ensures that individuals are supported throughout their care, strengthening the resident-carer relationship and thus strengthening the quality of care.

So, how do we implement such personalisation in our home?

Firstly, we start with our staff and we think the most important thing is to listen and learn about our people. Therefore, we are introducing ‘One-Page Profiles’, which aims to find out about staff motivations, what's importants to them and how we (and colleagues) can support each individual. We’ll keep you updated and tell you all about that over the coming weeks and months.

Community projects are also a vital part in our personalisation initiative and provide us with invaluable lessons on how residents and staff can seek out opportunities to engage with the wider community, something which is very important to all our homes. 

We’re looking at how we incorporate this culture into our organisation: from the top to the bottom and back up. This will be included in all staff training from the outset.

During our recent collaboration with The Princes Trust Project, where we worked with several unemployed 18-25 year olds, who spent five weeks training within our homes, Balhousie introduced the students to a person-centred approach as part of their personalisation initiative and the project proved very successful.  

Together we're Great

At Balhousie Care Group, personalisation doesn’t just involve our residents and their family, but the staff who will provide their care. A study published in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry found that not only does person-centered care benefit residents, but personalisation initiatives improve job satisfaction, reduce emotional exhaustion and increase a sense of accomplishment. That’s why our staff are just as important in this initiative as our residents when it comes to personalisation. 

We’re ready to begin our journey to provide that person-centred approach that many talk about but few actually achieve, where all of our teams will learn to ‘live and breathe’ a culture that actively promotes personalised services.