Together we're Great

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We’ve already introduced you to our Together We’re Great initiative and some of its components, including the benefits of being person-centred and the importance of one page profiles and so we wanted to go right back to the start and share with you the why, what and how we’ve developed Together We’re Great across Balhousie Care Group.

Why create this initiative?

Last year, we got staff from across the organisation together to let their voices be heard. The focus group consisted of a real mix of employees, males and females from various Care Homes, age groups and job roles and what they had to say inspired us to look at the care we provide, our working environment, our organisation and look to better it.  Our outcome?

“How can we be an organisation that is truly person-centred and deliver personalisation for our residents if we don’t apply the same values to all those who are part of Balhousie Care Group?”

Every single person agreed that we have the staff, training, skills and facilities to deliver the very best person-centred care for the residents but we needed something in place to ensure that the organisation as a whole utilises each and every resource and works together to ensure that Balhousie Care Group is dedicated to not only providing personalised care, but is just as dedicated to the people that operate within it and our external partners.

What is Together We’re Great?

There are many different elements to this initiative and many steps to take if we are to transform the culture of Balhousie Care to one that understands, supports and develops the people within our organisation so they can provide the highest quality care.

One of the first steps we took was to get to know each other a little better and that’s why we introduced our One Page Profiles. You’ll find them throughout the Homes and we’ve been sharing some with you on our social media. By understanding each employee, we can discover ways on how best to support and work with the people that work within Balhousie. Not only that, but we can identify commonalities between each other and our residents. Conversations have been started, hobbies shared and similar interest discovered and it has been really brilliant to see this development taking place.

Dementia Care is a large part of the care we provide within our Homes and so it’s been important for us to develop a Dementia Strategy that incorporates working together. We have a dedicated team of Dementia Ambassador in each of our homes, who meet regularly with each other and work together to inform, educate and encourage staff in their Homes to Promote Excellence in Dementia Care. We’ll share more with you about our Dementia Strategy in the coming months, but you can read more about our Dementia Development Lead Yvonne Manson and her vision for this part of the project here.

It’s not just about the staff and the residents but also they community around us. Our dedicated activities co-ordinators and home managers work hard to ensure that each of our homes are truly at the heart of the community, whether that be with open-invites to summer fete’s or local nursey children helping tend to the gardens. Working together with the community, along with the fun it brings the staff and residents, has been key to ensuring we’re working together, with everybody, to be great. 

How Together We’re Great is developing Balhousie Care Group

We knew that the change we want to make wouldn’t be instant, but we’ve already had many positives come from the introduction of this initiative. We’ve discovered that we can learn from each other on how best to develop personalisation within each of our homes and that, by working together, ideas can be shared, problems tackled together and an environment that promotes excellence achieved.

We’re learning more and more from each other each day and staff have commented that they feel ‘part of something bigger and better’, which makes us we’re well on our way to being able to confidently say ‘Together We’re Great’.