Why I took part - Sleep in the Park

By Claire

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I wanted to take part as never done anything like this before and probably wouldn’t get the opportunity again and to experience what it is like for the homeless people everyday. 

The event itself was great although I feel to get a true experience of being homeless they should not have had heating stations, free tea coffee all night and food on offer because

The homeless do not have this on offer all night. I think the homeless should be allowed in free to take advantage of the free coffee etc.

The hardest part was THE COLD, once the concert was finished and sitting in your sleeping bag it was just too cold you could feel the cold come right through to your bones and caused pain all over my body. 

It was emotional after. I felt sad, the fact I can come home and get heat but the homeless does not have that privilege, it actually made me feel guilty to an extent. Until now I never really thought too much about it but would definitely take more time for the homeless and consider them more.