Balhousie Care Group to open its doors to people spending Christmas Day alone

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As Christmas Day draws near, many people in the local community will be spending the festive season with loved ones. But, what about those who don’t have anyone to share the magical time with and are lonely this festive season?

To ensure that as many people as possible are not alone this Christmas, Scotland’s leading provider of residential care, Balhousie Care Group, is opening its doors on Christmas Day in all 25 of its Homes across Scotland to welcome anyone who is alone to come along and enjoy some Christmas Dinner and join in with the festivities. 

Sadly, for every family sitting round the table enjoying turkey on Christmas Day, there may be someone who is completely alone. In particular, many elderly people can find Christmas a particularly lonely time of year. John Lewis’s recent Man on the Moon advertising campaign highlighted how Christmas can be an entirely different experience for people living alone. By opening their doors on Christmas Day, Balhousie hope that there will be less people lonely across the communities that their Care Homes are based.

With Care Homes spanning the east coast of Scotland from Aberdeenshire to Fife, Home Managers have been working with social workers and members of the local community to identify people who may be alone and could benefit from spending Christmas Day with staff, residents and families in the various Care Homes.

Denise Grant, Home Manager at Balhousie St Ronans Care Home, commented:

“So many people, particularly the elderly, spend the festive season feeling isolated and nobody should have to be on their own on Christmas Day. We have been liaising with members of the local community to find people in this situation and invite them to enjoy Christmas Day with us instead of being alone at Christmas. Anyone who finds themselves alone on Christmas Day should come and see us and be part of something truly magical.”