Balhousie Key Dementia ambassador program

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At the start of this year the Balhousie Key Dementia Ambassador role was developed by Yvonne Manson Dementia Development Lead, in order to support those staff that had a keen interest in dementia care to explore that further and promote excellence in dementia care. Meetings are held every two months and the first meeting in April was a great success with ambassadors leaving the meeting and immediately starting on projects some big, some small but ultimately all making a difference for the residents and staff at Balhousie. Wendy Johnstone from SSSC was the first keynote speaker talking about Promoting Excellence in dementia care among other things, and at the next meeting at the end of June we have Joe Walker talking about Dementia and medication in particular the impact of antipsychotics and we also have Suzi Baxter who is a Key Dementia ambassador at Antiquary talking about her day at the Alzheimer Scotland conference. The speakers are chosen by the ambassadors and surround what it is they want to know more about. 

Dementia Ambassador have their say

Here’s some of thes reasons staff wanted to become dementia Balhousie Key Dementia Ambassadors:

Amanda Warren Monkbarns, Care Home, Arbroath

“More of our residents are being diagnosed with dementia and I thought it would be really interesting to have an understanding of how to best support them and to understand what is happening to them” 

Beth Arfaoui – Luncarty Care Home, Perthshire

"I am proud to be a dementia ambassador as it gives me the opportunity to access a wealth of knowledge and training which I can pass on to my colleagues to make a positive impact on the care and provision we give our residents on a daily basis. Making a difference to their day and lives is an integral part of my personal goals. There is nothing more rewarding than the interactions from our residents, seeing them smile and have a wonderful day. I haven’t been able to make a meeting as yet but I am looking forward to sharing experiences with fellow ambassadors."

Stef Wright – Ruthven Towers care home, Auchterarder

"I am very excited about the Dementia Ambassador training to allow me to become an Ambassador. I am very interested in dementia and how I can improve the lives of people I support by having a better understanding.  I am excited to share my knowledge and what I will be learning throughout this programme."

Darlene Collins – Monkbarns care home, Arbroath

"Quite interested in learning about the effect dementia has on the brain and how different forms of dementia affect different parts of the brain resulting in different symptoms and behaviours. I’d like to know how to go into their past and find out about the person before dementia to see if having that knowledge can improve the care I give them."

Jozi Stables - Ruthven Towers care home, Auchterarder

"Balhousie Care Group has made a commitment to have dementia ambassadors in every care home this is to ensure best practice throughout the company. I have recently signed up to become a dementia ambassador for Ruthven Towers. I will participate in the Dementia Ambassador course produced by the Scottish Social Services Council which I will be trained at an enhanced level, this allows me to complete 5 modules which then will enable me to train and develop staff and their understanding of Dementia. Every staff member will be trained at minimum of informed level. I am very excited to be involved in this training as I have a real passion for developing staff and a great interest in dementia care."

If you want to know more about the program or have any dementia queries please feel free to contact Yvonne Manson –