Balhousie Ruthven Towers Care Home Appoints New Manager

New manager appointed at Ruthven Towers Care Home, Auchterarder

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A new manager has been appointed at Balhousie Ruthven Towers in Auchterarder. Lorraine Norwood joined the team in January, bringing with her over 20 years of experience within the care industry. Having worked within a number of care disciplines throughout her career, including working with children with disabilities, adolescents with autism, learning, physical and sensory impairments and also with the elderly, both with and without dementia, Lorraine is thrilled to once again be within a care home setting.

Quality of care

Lorraine views resident care as being of upmost importance in relation to her new position as manager and notes that her “key role is ensuring people are cared for safely and with acceptable standards at all times.” Upon taking up her new post, she was particularly impressed by the welcoming and homely environment within the home, in particularly the standards of care, variety and quality of home cooked meals, including daily fresh baked goods and the variety of therapies available at the home that cater to a wide range of resident health requirements.

Staff support and development is also important to Lorraine, to not only ensure professional satisfaction and learning amongst the team but also to ensure staff are able to deliver individual, personalised care to all residents.

Ruthven Towers already has a varied and full schedule of activities available to residents, including music, swimming and art programmes and Lorraine is keen to introduce a new activity called ‘Daily Sparkle’. This activity is a real mixed bag of fun, full of quizzes, old news stories, gossip, puzzles, sing-a-long moments and entertainment, all geared towards stimulating the mind and improving memory and social interaction amongst residents.

Praticipation and activity

Balhousie Care actively encourages our residents to take part in various activities and events organised by individual care home teams and has long seen the unparalleled benefits these have had on their health, happiness and well being over the years. As an organisation, we strive to employ new talent that share our beliefs about social engagement, the importance of remaining physically and mentally active and their links to well being as we get older.
We are delighted to welcome Lorraine to the Balhousie Care family and are thrilled to bring her wealth of experience to Ruthven Towers.