Balhousie Visit Iris Murdoch Centre

The property team gain insight into effective environments for residents living with dementia.

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On Tuesday 7th July 2015, the property team of Balhousie visited the Iris Murdoch Centre.  The FD Mike Reid, Wendy Perry Balhousie Dementia Specialist and Cheryl Banks as Activities co-ordinator also attended.

Now 25 years old, the Dementia Services Development Centre, it’s official title,  has grown to be the global leader in providing research, training and education to those who operate in the field of dementia.

Creating effective environments

Facilitated by Tony Kopsch, the Head of Facilities at Stirling University, we were hosted by Chris McAdam and the DSDC team at Stirling. 

The purpose of the visit was to discuss current best practice, and establish that current and future developments within the Balhousie group look to implement the best in design and ideas that the professionals in DSDC can offer.  Learn and share best practice from other health professionals and use the best equipment suppliers. 

Shared learning and development

The team looked at the inside of the building and the reasons for using the various colour codes and different types of furniture and lifting equipment.  We also looked at the Demetria Garden.

Overall the visit was very successful, and it is hoped that this is the beginning of a thriving working relationship with the University of Stirling and DSDC.