Daily Exercise Competition

Dementia Ambassadors promote personalised daily exercise with their homes

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As part of our dementia ambassador program, Yvonne Manson, Dementia Consultant, is continually developing and challenging her ambassadors to implement new learnings and techniques within their home.

At the November ambassador meeting, the importance of daily exercise and how it can improve wellbeing and reduce falls for residents was discussed. Recent research has also shown that daily exercise can help reduce cognitive decline.

Taking this on board, the ambassador group looked at improved ways of incorporating relevant and personalised activity into the homes. Thereafter, our ‘Balhousie Daily Exercise’ competition was launched, encouraging staff to work together and be creative with their activities.

The competition ran from December ‘16 to February ’17 with Clement Park announced as winners and Lisden as runners up in the competition.

Yvonne Manson commented: ‘The level of response and standard of entry has been impressive across all the homes. Like always, our staff have fully embraced the initiative and I was delighted with the outcomes.’

Clement Park created an inclusive project for all residents, engaging and consulting to create their daily exercise programme based on individual preferences including: chair exercises, bubble games, darts, balloon tennis and dancing. Residents all wrote the name of their favourite exercise on a wooden stick and placed it in a jar, which was decorated, and created a scrapbook to document their daily exercises. Each morning they would pick a new stick and that was the activity for the day.

Even although this was a simple concept, it demonstrates an excellent example of person-centred personalised care. This is now being continued with new residents to the home adding to the jar.

A huge well done to all the homes for taking part. Residents of Clement Park have been given a selection of items to choose from as their prize and selected the giant inflatable hoopla.