How we can play a part in fighting loneliness

Balhousie Care Group CEO Steve White joins the debate on loneliness.

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With the news that the UK Government has appointed the first Minister for Loneliness, Balhousie Care's CEO Steve White penned a column for The Herald newspaper arguing the case for the care home sector playing its part in what is a national epidemic.

"Working as I do in the care home sector, loneliness is one of the issues we and our care workers address every day. Being apart from family – permanently – and having to make new friends is an isolation that is hard to fathom," writes Steve.

"One comment I hear is that loneliness is a fact of life, something we have to expect in this Digital Age. It’s a phrase I’ve learned to loathe. Changing mindsets – because I believe that is what needs to happen – can be subtle but very effective. It can be encouraging intergenerational activity between kids and the elderly, thus showing both age groups that connectivity matters. It can be designing a lounge with seating that encourages conversation, rather than assembling furniture around a television."

He concludes: "It really is time to act, and act imaginatively. And why not let the care home sector take the lead?" You can read Steve's full comment piece here: