Monkbarns Relatives meeting notes - 16th April 2015

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Relatives meeting  -  16th April 2015 – 3.00pm

Jackie – Chair, Jenny - note taker, Flora Wheatley, Jim Tollerton, Sandra Bywater, John and Jennifer Muir, Thomas Powell

Apologies – Mike Orsi



Acting Seniors doing well, Walter Preston new to team.

Steph, completed her SVQ3, Becca and Julie, nearly completed SVQ2,   will then do SVQ3.  Walter starting   SVQ3.

Losing the odd member of staff but the majority are staying.


Activities Coordinator (Hayley) been appointed 3 days a week, doing a   great job.


Are staff communicating well and keeping   you up to date?  Any improvements to be   made?


Would anyone like to attend interviews   for new staff?




Rebecca downstairs, Julie and Steph upstairs, training ongoing.  Steph is young but very experienced.  Walter started at Christmas and is very   keen in progressing.


We lost a lot of staff last year but have recruited with ease some   great new members of staff.  Lost one   very good carer due to family commitments.

More walking groups going out now the better weather is here.


Thomas replied – no problems



John and Jennifer would like to attend.


All kitchen staff bar one completed MUST training.

Oral care training completed.

Continence training completed.

4 Acting Seniors completed 1 day course in intermediate First Aid.

Activities Workshop training completed.

Dementia Updates – ongoing

Respiratory Education, inhalers, asthma etc.

Foot care Education.





Moving and Handling – 3 day course.

Medication Training Updates.


Any suggestions for training?







MUST training – including: monitoring BMI, high fortified diets,   swallowing food and food with dementia

Other half of training, continence products.





Jackie, Joyce, Kath and Pat to attend.

Podiatry – NHS very far behind with appointments.  Have to use private to keep up, as staff   not allowed to cut toe nails.  John   Muir – best to stay with one Jean is used to? – Jackie: Yes, best for Jean.


To be held in Perth. We will have 2 M&H champions.



Jim: do they enjoy training?

Jackie: they do enjoy enhancing their skills, not nurses but training   intense and keep skills updated.


Care Inspectorate


No change









Jackie discussed, no change until next inspection.





Comfort Fund – Fund Raising


2 sponsored walks coming up (posters up around home).

Summer Fayre in the pipeline.

‘Good as new’ table sale in Café.    6th June?



Any suggestions?





One walk for staff, residents and families, the other for staff only.

Tables in Café, baby clothes, cake & candy etc.



New garden items to be bought.




Hayley to ask residents for ideas for activities.  The minutes will go on notice board.


Now the better weather is in, lots of residents been out in walking   groups, to Keptie Pond and down to the seafront for ice-creams.



Health and Safety


Meetings are on the board, please attend if you wish. 


Any concerns?






Hygiene gel at front door, told to remove it when we had an   outbreak.  Staff did excellent job of   containing outbreak.  Will replace gel   now we are clear but this is not a replacement for hand washing.


What do we do well/ What can we do   better?






John – staff are very friendly, Rebecca and Jackie in Scott very   good.

Jim – staff approachable and patient.

Jackie – kitchen working hard to pass checklist.

Jackie – hot plate for Jean Muir


From last meeting


New aprons needed for messy eaters – purchased


Car park markings – complete


3 large boxes went to the Foodbank






Team leaders






Two team leaders to be promoted in-house.  Jim Tollerton asked if he would attend   interviews. 


Anything else?


















Jim – IT room sometimes a bit messy, cups and food left on occasion

Sandra – would like to see nails painted more often, the ladies love   it.  Suggests Angus College beauticians   come in to do nails?

Jackie – Mr Orsi (who has sent apologies) had brought up the subject   of nails too. Jackie questioning to whether carers may be scared, in case   they hurt individual, so it is the same ones that do them.

Flora – please use Annie Easton’s nail varnishes etc.

Tom – is Scott unit more difficult than the others?

Jackie – yes, but all units have strong characters in them.  We have only had to transfer one resident   in 2 years.


No more questions.


Jackie – thank you for coming and will be in touch with Mr Tollerton   to discuss interviews.