Music for Life for residents of Balhousie

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14 Balhousie employees attended Playlist for Life training on Thursday 22nd January in a drive to introduce personalised music to the lives of residents of their care homes.

Balhousie Care Group is working in Partnership with Playlist for Life, a charity founded by Sally Magnusson, to deliver the music based initiative which encourages families, and care providers, to compile a thoughtful and personal-centred playlist for residents living with dementia.

The emotive approach of the training captures the very essence of what the charity stands for – Connecting People. It is proven that personalised music can impact the mood, behaviour and ability of residents with dementia, enabling them to communicate with loved ones in ways which may previously have been lost.

Benefits for residents

Deborah Clark, Senior Carer at Balhousie North Grove said: ‘The best part of the day was learning how much of a positive impact Playlist for Life has, and can have on resident’s lives. The smiles; the change of mood and the possibilities this could bring for each individual is endless, it’s an exciting opportunity to really make a difference to them and their family. I can’t wait to get started.’

The training was the first of its kind within the Balhousie Care Group and is being piloted within nine homes across Perth, Dundee and Aberdeenshire. Over the coming weeks, employees who attended the training will be working closely with identified residents and their family to implement the training.

Owner of Balhousie Care Group, Tony Banks commented: ‘The Partnership with Playlist for Life delivers everything we believe in at Balhousie Care: passion, innovation, and quality. I truly believe that together we can enhance the lives of each and every resident in our care. We are committed to developing the initiative and I’m excited to witness first-hand the benefits this will bring for residents. ’