Nancy is rewarded and thanked for her hard work

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Nancy a care assistant at Balhousie Antiquary care home was presented with flowers, Champagne, Chocolates and lots of cheers when she became the first person in Balhousie care to reach 'skilled level' in promoting excellence since the start of our new dementia program.

Promoting excellence in dementia

Nancy has completed her 5 modules in Promoting Excellence, dementia skilled level, this covers:

  • Understanding dementia
  • Promoting person and family centred care and community connections
  • Promoting health and well-being for people with Dementia
  • Meeting the needs of the person with dementia who is distressed
  • Supporting and protecting people’s rights.

Yvonne Manson Dementia Development Lead said: “Nancy not only completed the 5 modules of her individual workbooks, each module has been completed to a high standard and she had taken time to reflect fully on what she had learned which was evident in her answers, she even drew a brain and labelled the various lobes."

"Nancy is the first person in the organisation to complete all five modules since the beginning of the new Balhousie dementia program, and she should be very proud of this achievement. I am a great believer in workforce development and the positive impact this can have."

Creating positive outcomes for residents

Yvonne continued: "Antiquary have embraced the new dementia program and it is clear that the learning is having an impact and that the staff are putting this into practice. Their second Dementia Care Map™ saw a doubling of overall well-being scores for residents and an increase in positive interactions." 

Suzi Baxter and Ann-Marie Edwards are two of Balhousie Antiquary’s Dementia Ambassadors who are helping push forward dementia care. Suzi has been supporting the completion of Dementia learning for staff while Ann-Marie has been using the Kingsfund ‘Is your care home dementia friendly?’ environmental assessment tool to assess and make changes in the environment.

Well done to Nancy and the whole team Antiquary on their commitment to excellence in dementia care.