Personalisation at Ruthven Towers

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Part of our Together we’re Great project is about learning from each other on how best to develop personalisation within each of our homes.

We felt quite emotional as we listened to Jozi talk about the journey that staff and residents of Ruthven Towers Care Home in Auchterarder had been on.

Ruthven Towers Journey so far

Jozi delivered a powerful visual of ‘Our Journey’, starting with the arrival of new management within the home and highlighting the peaks and troughs along the way.

When Yvonne (home manager) first joined, she brought a new focus and a vision which was to create a truly person-centred environment within Ruthven Towers. They started off creating one page profiles for all staff members, discovering what really mattered to each individual and what made a good day for them.

Yvonne knew that by understating this, she would be able to discover ways on how best to support the people who sheworked with on a daily basis.

Developing one page profiles

Part of the profile also pulled out what colleagues liked and admired about each other – reading the results, people instantly felt more valued and positive within their team.

The journey isn’t an overnight success, it takes months and years to embed a new culture that truly values the qualities and attributes of each individual within the home; staff and residents alike.

Changing organisational culture

Ruthven Towers however, are six months into their journey and the transformation is outstanding. We’re excited about where the home is headed but bigger than that, we’re excited about how this will transcend throughout the rest of the group to ensure Balhousie Care really deliver the person-centred approach that many talk about but few achieve.