Shannons Trip to Sevagram

Great experience was had at the Sevagram Healthcare complex in the Netherlands

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Shannon Davidson, 19, Care Assistant at Balhousie Huntly Care Home who is currently training to be a nurse at Robert Gordons University spent a day at the Sevagram Healthcare Complex in the Netherlands on Thursday 18th January.

Shannon and 11 of her fellow University students spent the day with four healthcare professionals from the Sevagram Complex. The day started with a presentation from a senior member of staff from the facility then later in the day a tour. The looked round all of the various wings of the complex including the Dementia Centre which Shannon found very interesting.

Shannon reflected on her tour of the Dementia Centre by saying;

“It was good to see the residents of the dementia centre so content in their surroundings and living life freely in their own community which is safe & secure with their needs being met by the excellent staff.

It was interesting to see that the staff of the dementia centre wore their own clothes instead of a uniform. Also I liked how it did not look clinical which made the residents feel more at home. I thought the doors were a great idea as on the inside they were wallpapered to look like a normal wall and residents did not attempt to force the doors open. There was a variety of different rooms and objects residents could interact with including a cinema room, pet therapy room, phone box, fish tank and the windows & views from the bedrooms were great.

Overall it was a great experience and I am glad to have been chosen for the trip. It was interesting to see the environments people with dementia live within and their life experiences in a Netherlands home."

Shannon and her fellow students five day trip to The Netherlands also included visits to a local University where they got an insight into the healthcare systems in The Netherlands and also how they train their nursing students.