Worldwide innovations in dementia support

Wendy Perry highlights importance of meaningful activity

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As I think most people who work in care would agree we have seen large scale changes to the way we work and to what we prioritise while we work, particularly those of us who work with people living with dementia.  As we continue to look for better ways to support people, that honours their life history and their desire to maintain their involvement with the community, we need to look beyond the ways we have done things in the past.  One inspiring way to identify new ways of promoting meaningful lives for people with dementia is to look at innovation, not just in Scotland but from across the world. 

Focus on Dementia

The other day I ran across this series of blog posts written by Michelle Miller who is the National Improvement Advisor for Focus on Dementia in the Scottish Government.  The posts detail her recent trip to Japan to see the innovative ways they are finding to support their elders who are living with dementia.  I was moved and fascinated by some of the highlighted efforts to keep people living with dementia actively and meaningfully involved in their communities.  There are so many excellent examples of how Balhousie could work to build ties with the community in ways that would help us to keep our residents connected.

Meaningful activity for all residents

One innovative technique which caught my attention was where care homes partnered with local businesses to provide meaningful jobs for residents. For example, some residents in Japan would wash cars at the local car dealership. It’s this innovative approach that provides quality purpose and meaning.

Read more about Michelle Millers blog here.