Care & Support

Here at Balhousie Care, care is at the forefront of all that we do. It's our business. It's our passion. It's even in our name...

Passionate About Care

Our care and support staff are our core, they're what makes us tick. In conjunction with our nursing staff, our care team are on the front line of contact with our residents; always there, providing genuine care, no matter what. It is impossible to measure their contribution to our organisation and without them, we simply could not function.

Care and support is a wonderful, rewarding career in itself or can act as a stepping stone to other areas and roles within the Balhousie Care Group.

Learning and Development

We offer ongoing training, development and support for the benefit of our residents and the care they receive but also strive to increase our care and support team's understanding and learning in relation to clinical issues, ensuring you can develop your career at a pace you are comfortable with.