Many of our residents have told us over the years that their experience of a Balhousie Care home is refreshingly different to their expectations of care homes in general. This stems from one main point of difference; all of our management, nurses, carers and support staff are truly committed to the positive, supportive and caring experiences of all our residents. You can sense this as soon as you meet them. Caring for the elderly and frail is not just a job for us, it's a passion.

Our aim for each of our Balhousie Care homes is to be among the most carefully, sensitively and professionally managed care homes in Scotland. We look forward to the opportunity of welcoming your loved one into our growing family and give our word that all that we do has care at its core.

‘The Balhousie Way’

It is important to us to do things in our care homes ‘The Balhousie Way’. This means having consistent, skilled and caring staff that have been part of the Balhousie Care Group, in many cases, for more than a decade.

Providing care to our residents can’t just be a job for our staff. It has to come from within and we look for this passion in every potential candidate at recruitment level.

Listening, Learning and Leveraging

Resident feedback is gathered regularly and any issues documented and managed through to satisfaction.

Additionally, regular and ongoing consultation with families and legislators allows us to continually review and refine the care we provide.