Nutrition, Variety and Taste 

Nutrition is such an important factor for us at Balhousie. We strive to deliver the highest standards of food and drink across all of our 25 care homes. Meal times are often one of the most social for our residents, and therefore, some of the most enjoyable.

Regardless of individual requirements, we pride ourselves on consistently providing variety, quality and most importantly, flavour. Although we take nutrition seriously, we appreciate that food is a source of great joy for many and so therefore must not only hold nutritional value, but also be delicious!

Dietary Requirements

Many of our residents have special dietary requirements due to medical or allergy issues. Our chefs are fully trained within this field and understand the importance of catering for specific needs, as well as ensuring they are still providing nutritional value and tasty options to these residents.

At Balhousie Care, we don’t see why your diet should be bland or unoriginal just because you have restrictions on your diet. Imagination is everything and our chefs employ creativity on a daily basis in order to come up with new dishes and taste experiences for our residents.