Balhousie Stories

We’re inspired by each other’s achievements and successes: a resident achieving something they never thought was possible or a colleague doing something great that captures our imagination. These actions inspire us to be better, do more and strive for excellence.

Balhousie Stories

Residents hearten and uplift us. We strive to not only care for, but to stimulate and encourage each individual during this chapter of their life. Every resident is an individual, with their own story, their own needs and their own passion in life, and as such, care should be built around them and their families.

“The best part of my job – watching people develop. I love seeing the staff flourish.”

Grace Sloan

A day in the life of Grace Sloan

As care home manager at Balhousie Wheatlands, Grace Sloan has helped turn the home around to gain the group’s first Grade 6 rating. Here she shares her typical day.

Balhousie Everyday Hero

The behaviours and attitude we expect from ourselves and others within Balhousie Care Group include: honesty, compassion, caring, professionalism, inclusiveness and enthusiasm.

“It was very hard work but I must admit now it was worth it.”

Mrs Pirie

Grandmother Sheila Pirie learns to walk again

Sheila Pirie never thought she would walk again after a spinal abscess damaged her nerves and left her with no feeling below the waist. When the 73-year-old arrived at Balhousie care home in Coupar Angus, Perthshire, in August last year she was in a wheelchair and needed a full-body hoist to lift her in and out of bed.