Greg Hall

Financial Controller
What's important to me...: 
  • My family - my wife Fiona and daughter Megan  and close friends , and spending time with them.
  • Like being prepared and on top of things.
  • Having a sense of purpose and achieving goals.
  • Like to know what’s going on
  • Over the long term having a good work life balance and enjoying my job
  • Holidays. Spending time abroad  especially in France Spain and Italy and embracing their local culture.
  • Having commitment in what i do , either with work or hobbies.
  • I work with a ‘to do ‘ list which never seems to reduce but helps me keep on top  of my work load
1 thing you might not know about me...: 

I enjoy baking,see below (St Honore Gateau)

I have English grandparents, Irish parents , born in Wales and lived in Scotland for over 40 years.

What people like and admire about me...: 

Assertive; dedicated and focused on delivering; funny; good with spreadsheets; hardworking; passionate; driven; reliable; friendly; knowledgeable in his field.

How best to support me...: 

Just be open & honest ,

Have realistic expectations , I’ll always try and help , however if there is a problem or something is annoying you,  let me know (preferably not via e-mail).

Full story – no surprises where possible

Give me the right tools for getting the job done

Although I mightn’t appear to be listening – I normally am

Turn up to meetings on time ,

I enjoy red wine and malt whiskies when unwinding

Hobbies and interests...: 

Enjoy exploring Scotland  and long weekends away in Europe. Love BBQ’ing  all year round and playing golf.