Kirstene Feenan

Marketing and Communications Manager
What's important to me...: 
  • Being with friends and family. I love being around the people that matter to me.
  • Always being active and busy – doing nothing makes me feel lethargic and lazy.
  • My job – delivering high quality work and making a difference. I always try do my best.
  • Taking time to get involved in other commitments. I am a judo coach and a Board Member of Scottish Rowing. Learning new things makes me feel like I’m developing and challenging myself.
  • Going out, eating, drinking and partying. I love to have fun. 
  • Exercising makes me feel good/happy and helps keep me focused and relaxed.
  • Having a joke and a laugh. I try not take things too seriously so laugh at almost everything!
  • Cheery office environment, respect for each other and taking time out to socialise, I enjoy fun and light hearted atmosphere!
  • Achieving my goals and getting through the workload – however I need regular tea breaks away from my desk. 
1 thing you might not know about me...: 

I used to be an elite Judo athlete and competed internationally at European, World and Olympic level.

What people like and admire about me...: 

Happy, helpful, charismatic, life & soul, great banter, loud, cheerful, smiley, creative, good fun, full of energy, great team player, open minded, shows an interest, energetic, resourceful, goes the extra mile, down to earth, a good laugh, committed, ambitious.

How best to support me...: 
  • Working with people to achieve success – although understand I am a one person team and may sometimes need your assistance to deliver.
  • Come have a cup of tea, choco biscuit and chat – this helps me unwind, refocus and relax.
  • Involve me in projects - I like to be challenged and pushed beyond my comfort zone.
  • Make me face my fears. It’s easy for me to hide away but dealing within situations is rewarding.
  • Believe in me, my abilities and my expertise.
  • Have fun, laughter and cheer around the work place. Having music on always helps too.
  • I like to laugh – usually at myself and with others.
  • Say “good morning” to me this brightens my day
  • Know that when I’m quiet I’m usually thinking – giving me space to deliver and it will let me get things done.
Hobbies and interests...: 

Exercising: Gym, boxing, conditioning

Skiing: blue ski; sun and Apres Ski

Holidays: warm, sunny, new & interesting places

Going out with friends: gigs, cinema, dinner and wine (red/prosecco)