Louise Barnett

Director of Operations
What's important to me...: 
  • My family, James (my husband) and my five children: Nicole; Katie; Chris; Paul and Jamie. My parents and my sister and her family.
  • Family holidays, I would go to Florida every year if I could and Christmas is my favourite time of year.
  • To feel that my input is effective for the team and that we are all striving to continually improve.
  • I am passionate about my role, I love my job.
  • Building strong relationships, both with my team and externally - it’s how we get the best out of people.
  • Honesty and integrity means a lot to me, it helps build our relationships.
  • Being kept up to date with things: if I know about them, I can deal with them. 
  • Staying informed of what’s going on in the industry: knowing the strategic direction in Health and Social Care as well as good practice and research.
  • Valuing my team and feeling valued in return.
1 thing you might not know about me...: 

I’m a Dundee United fan and have been since I was brainwashed at a young age by my Dad.

What people like and admire about me...: 

Inspirational; a great leader; honest; fair; approachable; super knowledgeable; loyal and supportive; fun; cheeky; sarcastic and funny; helpful; great leadership/management style; gives autonomy and trust to her team. Makes people feel valued; role model; calm; real.

How best to support me...: 
  • Know that I like to communicate quite directly and that short emails and telephone calls work best for me.
  • Know that I ‘get bored’ quickly – keep things concise.
  • I get ‘drowned’ in detail and prefer being given the big picture.
  • Be upfront and honest with me, I will always help and be supportive where I can but I don’t like surprises.
  • I never say no to a cup of coffee, a break and a chat (not always about work).
  • Make sure I have access to my e-cigarette.
  • I don’t close my office door often but when it is shut, it’s often because I’m in the middle of something.
Hobbies and interests...: 
  • Walking outdoors
  • Eating out and wine tasting, I’m a fan of Rose wine
  • Socialising with those close to me
  • Having some quiet time