Marc MacDonald

Group HR Manager
What's important to me...: 
  • My family – the nearest and dearest to me.
  • My career, working hard to achieve my professional and personal goals.
  • Always trying to see the positive in every situation and trying to find the solutions.
  • Having my close friends.
  • Enjoying time at work, having fun and working as part of a wider team.
  • Recognising where people need support and trying to help them.
  • Having some “me” time.
  • Always trying to deliver on what I have committed to.
  • Eating out and socialising.
  • Having time to listen to music (and very occasionally sing along)!
What people like and admire about me...: 

Easy to talk to, driven, polite, positive, friendly, discreet, professional, trustworthy, helpful, committed, quietly assertive, approachable, extremely pleasant, good sounding board, supportive, down to earth, good listener, informative, industrious, always looking to improve the company.

How best to support me...: 

I function on coffee during the week and welcome anyone who has a cup for me!

I am independent and focused on doing things on my own.  This is because I worked in a stand-alone role for a long time.

I am sociable and like to laugh.

Take time to talk to me – sometimes I appear too serious, but it is usually down to thinking about my day ahead.

Understand that I will always work hard to achieve my goals, which may mean I give up some social activities.

I am solutions focused and like to talk about the end result before understanding the detail of a project or plan. 

Ask me about my cat Harper, although I am not a cat lover, I am a big fan of my own wee cat!

Hobbies and interests...: 

Cooking (a Chef would’ve been my second career choice)

Eating out (and socialising)!

Holidaying – always taking time out.
Music and movies.