Mike Reid

Finance Director
What's important to me...: 
  • Family comes first but I like to socialise particularly where sport is involved
  • Working with a like-minded team who get rewarded for hard work
  • Keeping the Board happy
  • Honesty and trust are key to everything
  • Having a laugh, life’s too short to be serious
  • Being able to switch off when away from work (difficult at times!)
  • Golf and football have been never been far from my thoughts!
  • I enjoy good food and drink - if your mind is content so is your body
  • At least one round of golf every weekend – it is a form of exercise
  • Music has been part of my life since school, happy to use Sonos rather than play now
1 thing you might not know about me...: 

We were invited to Clarence House gardens for the wedding of William & Kate


What people like and admire about me...: 

Professional; relaxed and calm under pressure; friendly and knowledgeable; understanding; supporting to team; motivated to get the job done; funny; balanced approach to situations; has a lot of gravitas, he’s good company; voice of reason.

How best to support me...: 
  • I may appear serious but I am approachable and a good listener – work and social matters
  • I look for solutions to problems and opportunities when there are risks
  • I like things to be planned and implemented effectively
  • Summarise any communications – Keep It Simple Stupid
  • I will always give my best and I will let you know if I need assistance
  • If you have a problem shout, don’t hide it away
  • I will always see things through to the end, I do not quit and happy to lead or support a team
  • If I am not in on a Friday, I will be in a meeting or a course (not a golf one, honestly!)
Hobbies and interests...: 

Golf (competitive and social)

Football (playing 5’s and Aberdeen)

Eating out (spoilt for choice in Edinburgh)

Music and Film

Beer and Wine