Steve White

Steve White, CEO, Balhousie Care Group
What's important to me...: 
  • Seeing people stretch, learn and flourish
  • Leaving something behind that’s better than what I inherited
  • My family – my three sons, my two grandchildren and my Mum (she has Dementia) and they live in all parts of the country. They mean everything to me
  • As Einstein said: “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”
  • Keeping my promises
  • Being positive, passionate and purposeful
  • The wealth of human talent around me
  • Challenging myself to stretch and learn
  • Fun and play
  • Remembering to smile and say thanks
  • Scotland – I just can’t keep away (and I’m English) 
1 thing you might not know about me...: 

I once worked in Monaco amid a sea of star studded celebrities. That’s before I discovered that real celebrities are often unsung and around us daily.


What people like and admire about me...: 

A proven leader and high achiever who is relentlessly action-focused, strong in vision and makes the journey for those around him inspirational, expansive and enjoyable. Always thinks outside the box, creates energy and enthusiasm and delivers beyond expectation. A motivator who combines fun with achievement and brings out the very best in people – often uncovering in the process, previously unseen talents.

How best to support me...: 
  • Be honest always and deliver what you promise
  • Speak to me … let nothing simmer, that way we can sort it out before it becomes an issue
  • Put our residents first in all we speak of.
  • Don’t complain – suggest another way and come with solutions to a problem
  • Smile and make people’s day
  • Talk to people – not behind their back
  • Embrace stretching challenges
  • Get on board and enjoy the ride – we’re all in it together
Hobbies and interests...: 

Gardening – even though I don’t have a garden

Travelling - Exploring new parts of the world

Conquering new challenges

Crystal Palace FC – in the blood