We often talk about delivering person-centred care for residents, but how many really understand what this means?

The ‘Together we’re Great’ project is designed to support Balhousie Care Group (BCG) as a whole to become an organisation that is completely dedicated to focussing on the people that operate within it but not forgetting our external partners.

It's about our people

It’s time to find out what’s important to people, what really matters most within Balhousie Care: from the people receiving our services and their loved ones, to the people delivering those services; care staff, housekeeping and catering, gardening and maintenance to our managers and heads of department and finally our board.

This is inclusive of everyone.

Our vision

To transform the culture of Balhousie Care and create environments that understand, support and appreciate the individual needs of every single person involved within the organisation.

To capture the true essence of person-centred care by recognising the person first.

To belong to an organisation where people matter.


Why are we making a change

Our Team